Tri-City Paving Inc. ownership brings you over 30 years of experience in residential asphalt paving. Our high level of customer satisfaction is the result of our quality workmanship and personable staff.

   A driveway can often be a homeís first impression. Cracked and sunken driveways are not only unappealing to the eye, but they make snow removal difficult, playing on itís uneven surface is dangerous and could lead to vehicle damage. Soiled or gravel driveways track mud and sand into the home and always have you cleaning the vehicles of grits and dirt. But driveways are not all alike. There are numerous considerations that must be made when deciding on what type of asphalt is most suited for your home. Soil conditions, shape, and slope of the driveway and water drainage are just a few examples of this. When you contact us, our knowledgeable representatives will begin by giving you a descriptive and concise quotation based on your specific needs. All estimates and consultations are absolutely free. Any questions you have will be answered in a professional manner to help you better understand the product and service you will be receiving. Our pricing is firm and in writing Ė n o surprises to you, the customer. Also, there are no middlemen. The representative you first speak to will see the project carried out from start to finish to ensure you receive the proper job.

   The actual completion of the work is performed by skilled employees and sophisticated machinery. Excavating equipment is used to remove unsuitable materials from the soil beneath the asphalt surface prior to paving. Heavy compaction equipment is used to provide a solid base onto which the asphalt will be placed. Paving machines spread the asphalt uniformly and vibratory rollers compact the asphalt into a dense material ready for use. Our experience affords us the ability to examine and apply our knowledge to your specific item to ensure only the up most quality in the final product.

   Tri-City Paving Inc. also offers you those little extras you may be looking for. Decorative stonework, driveway edging, and landscaping ideas to spice up your home.

   All of our work comes with our standard warranty and we are proud members of the BBB of Mid Western Ontario. We would look forward to exceeding your expectations for transforming the gateway to your home! Contact us today.

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