Tri-City Paving Inc. is always looking for new people to contribute to our successful operation. We offer employment in a high paced, outdoor and fun environment. The nature of the work can be physically demanding and long hours are usually the case. Overtime is not mandatory, but is often available. If you are a dependable, hard working individual with the right attitude, then a position with our company could be the right fit for you!

I. Labourer

i) General Labourer

As a labourer you are part of a crew and thus we stress teamwork and communication with your fellow employees. At the same time we stress the ability to take responsibility to complete your own work independently and in a clean and neat manner. Wages begin at $13.00 per hour but starting wages can be more depending on your general experience.
Work description involves working small compaction equipment, hand tools, hand tamping of asphalt and general clean up duties. On the job training will allow you to learn quickly, all you need is the right attitude!

ii) Skilled Labourers

Steamroller operators with asphalt experience are an asset to any company. Operation of the rolling machines is crucial since you are the last person to ensure our customer’s driveways are neat and tidy. Wages for a roller operator begin at $16.00/hr or more depending on your experience.
Asphalt lute-men or “finishers” have the most critical job in completing an asphalt driveway. Cosmetic appearance of the surface texture as well as water flow depending heavily on the lute man’s experience. Wages for minimally experienced lute men begin at $19.00/hr and can be substantially more depending on your resume and experience.

All labourer positions require a minimum of a “G” license, your own transportation and your own safety boots.

II. Heavy Machine Operator

Heavy machine operators are needed to complete the asphalt work in timely but safe manner. Heavy machine equipment operated by Tri-City Paving Inc. include mini loaders, skid steeres, backhoes, 10’ mould board graders, asphalt paving machines and heavy compaction equipment.
Machine operators are often asked to lead and direct their crew in a foreman type roll when operating a machine. As well, machine operators are asked to aid in all other areas of work when required. Wages for a skilled machine operator begin at $19.00/hr and increase with versatility and experience. You are required to have a minimum of three years experience in any heavy machine for a position with our company.

III. Truck Driver

Tri-City Paving Inc. possesses a fleet of dump trucks (tandem and tri-axles) needed to transport materials and equipment from job to job. Clean driving abstracts and safety records are a must. Truck drivers must possess a minimum of a DZ class license and have a minimum three years of experience driving large trucks. Dumping experience is not essential. Drivers will also be shown how to load and tarp granular and hot mix asphalt products for transport. Drivers are expected to keep all vehicles they use clean and are required to report operational problems immediately to the owner. Truck drivers are also required to carry out other work-related duties when required. Wages for truck drivers begin at $16.00/hr and can be more depending on your experience.

IV. Sales Representative

Tri-City Paving Inc. is always looking for a customer focused sales representative with the drive and desire to maximize their earning potential. Sales representatives handle all customer quotations, consultations and questions in a designated territory. Customer satisfaction with regards to our service, professionalism and quality workmanship is our number one goal. No formal sales experience is required, but demonstration of customer service experience, knowledge of general construction procedures and organizational skills are essential.

Of course if you posses a variety of skills we are looking for, wages can be negotiated accordingly. As owner operators we are always accessible to our employees to address questions, comments or concerns. Implementation of employee ideas and suggestions with regards to various matters are done on an ongoing basis. At Tri-City Paving Inc. we stress a family atmosphere for our employees, which we believe, reflects in the pride our men and women take in their work. If you are looking for a great challenge and feel your skills and aptitude fit our company profile, send us your resume today!



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